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The Amazing Power Of Professionally Designed Email In Ecommerce?

The professionally designed email is a branded communication.

Many ecommerce businesses succeed in giving an amazing buying experience to their customers, but they quickly end it after sending a text-based, ugly-looking order confirmation email.

For many early years of ecommerce, the simple text-based emails were the choice so that the customers can easily read the messages, but as the ecommerce evolved and the customers showed their more interest in graphic-rich emails, the marketing teams are constantly thinking of designing engaging emails for their customers.

When a customer purchases something from a store, he waits for a receipt. That’s an old tradition and custom of humans’ lives. It’s so natural that we often don’t even notice our expectation for getting receipt. We like to see our purchase details on paper. Ecommerce has nothing different. After making an online purchase, online buyer waits to get the order confirmation email to check product details, prices, and see if their personal information is correct and is that the right product he ordered.

Why Plain-Text Emails Are Taking You Nowhere?

A plain text and poorly designed email can’t give a good experience to your customers and also minimizes the potential of this great touchpoint for your ecommerce business. Order confirmation emails are triggered by the customers’ action and it is habitual for humans to get excited about their newly bought items. These email are guaranteed to get opened and read (many read it multiple times too) to glean every details of this email.

How Important Is It To Get Professionally Designed Emails For Ecommerce Businesses?

The Success Secret Of Top Retailers

The people who have already bought the products likely to spend 67% more money than the newly attracted customers. All successful ecommerce business keeps them out of the fierce competition by mastering customer acquisition and retention. The top performing retailers turn their first time customers into loyal customers.

The secret of success in ecommerce business is getting repeat sales, which means selling more than one product to the same customer. The marketing teams of big businesses spend most of their time on designing professional emails to maximize the potential of their emails. Amazon gets 2/3rd of its sales from repeat customers.

Whether it is an ecommerce business of selling grocery items, bags, or shaving products, ecommerce has evolved now and the ecommerce business domain is expanded far beyond the limits of just convenient buying. The final picture of your ecommerce business in the customer’s mind determines whether to make a second purchase or not.

What is the form and style of your order confirmation emails?

If the emails are simple, text-based only, then all these reasons are compelling enough to change the form and structure of your email design and seize the opportunities to open up more selling channels.

How Will Professionally Designed Email Benefit You?

It’s a great opportunity to excite their emotions using professionally design emails that benefits both, you and your customers. This opens up an effective marketing channel (we will discuss it later here) to get repeat customers and keep them on your brand.

With each work and pixel of your email, your customers create an image of your business. Your customers are already paying full attention to the order confirmation email. If it is pretty and you do something memorable, the impression will last forever.

An ecommerce business should not view its online customers as traffic. The online customers come to your ecommerce business website, just like real humans walking in store. They come and engage at various points, which are called touchpoints.

The profitability in ecommerce lies is taking care of these touchpoints. These touchpoints are projecting your brand’s personality and designing the image of your business in the customers’ minds. Taking care of these touchpoints is the most important step in growing any ecommerce business.

1 – Cart Abandonment Emails

Ecommerce studies showed that about 70% of customers abandon their shopping carts at checkout for different reasons. This might be due to some distraction, or changed buying decision. By reaching them shortly, within 12 to 24 hours,  and trying to engage them using each pixel of your professionally designed email, you are likely to serve them better. That gives you the first opportunity to show your personality. Say hello and offer moderate discount on the same product to get their interest back.

What about adding a special discount code or free delivery voucher activated for a purchase within next 30 days?


This email is good. It shows the customer what they left in their shopping cart. Besides the text message, the customers can see the image of the products right away and it includes the link back to their shopping cart.

2 – Order Confirmation Email

So, you have given a good shopping experience to you newly acquired customer and going to deliver a good quality product. At this stage, invoking the customer for repurchase before the time he might have actually planned is easy now. Think about giving them a special offer, free shipping voucher, or a discount code valid for limited time for their next purchase.

Even, if they are not ready to buy another, the impression of your brand will last forever.

By including the free shipping vouchers or discount codes for limited time, like for 30 days, you open up another opportunity for you to contact the customer after 2 or 3 weeks of their purchase. You can notify them that the discount code or special voucher was exclusively offered to him and will expire after short time; so, make hurry.



You can make use of each pixel of the email space to engage your customers. By incorporating the most relevant products in the email they are reading more attentively, you can cross-sell and up-sell other products. By not having a professionally design email design, you are not just missing an opportunity of owning customer relationship, but also a great potential to increase your sales.

The rate of open and click through is very high as compared to other emails. By organizing a great content in a pretty way in an email which they are reading with excitement, you can easily get them acquainted with your brand. The impact will get you long-term market share (a consistent revenue stream) that is more important than short term profits.


The order confirmation emails have great importance in the life of customers. More than 64% of customers reported that order confirmation emails are very valuable content in their inbox. These emails get higher rates of clicks and conversions and are the most opened emails sent by ecommerce businesses to their customers.

Do you think a professionally designed email has a great impact on the bottom line of any ecommerce business?