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What is the Best Computer Repair WordPress Theme?

You are on the right page if you plan to launch a website for a computer repair service and don’t have much time, money, or knowledge of coding. Fortunately for tech newbies, smart guys prepared ready-made solutions that make “to create a website in a matter of hours” goal absolutely achievable.

WordPress Themes as a Win-Win Solution to Launch a Site

WordPress themes are one of those awesome pre-made solutions that make a life of the experienced web designers and ordinary humans easier. There are three major reasons for it:

  • thousands of free and paid themes for different purposes (more than 5,000 items on the official website, letting alone thousands of the templates production companies and marketplaces);
  • integrated drag and drop page builders (Visual Composer or Elementor). Their nature allows dragging and dropping content elements and organizing them in multiple ways without diving into code. Plus, they have amazing plugins (such as JetElements for Elementor) that empower the site’s capacity with additional features;
  • a powerful toolkit with the design options. The possible opportunities are great, indeed. For instance, it’s difficult to believe that a non-techie can implement this kind of Parallax effect to the site in a couple of clicks. Still, WordPress makes it possible.

Powering more than 30% of the websites worldwide, WordPress has already become a leading, user-friendly CMS. According to the stats provided by Automattic, Internet users visit its official website as often as Twitter and even more often than eBay.

Therefore, considering this rich in benefits CMS for building a website really makes sense.

Where to Look for WordPress Themes?

Speaking for the resources with the themes for a computer repair website, there are free and paid solutions. Free solutions are always tempting.

Still, they aren’t always bug-free. Moreover, as a rule, they don’t go along with support from a provider/vendor, which is not good if the issue appears. In addition, purchasing a free theme increases the chances of meeting a rival doppelganger that also opted to save money.

Thus, spending a hundred bucks on the professionally looking theme seems like a better option.

In this article, you will familiarize with the top 5 computer repair WordPress themes. Furthermore, you will find out about the major web design trends that will contribute to the positive UX and striking conversions on your website.

How Does an Appealing Website for a Computer Repair Service Look like?

Saying a word on how a perfect website for a computer repair service should look like, it’s impossible to ignore a matter of convenience.

Intuitive design is a must-have of the nowadays websites. It contributes to the high conversion rates and a positive user’s experience. The visitors with some issues don’t want to spend priceless time trying to puzzle out where is the contact information or a price list.

Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that a website has a convenient menu and sidebars carry out important functions. Moreover, the list of services, their prices, and time frames should be outlined clearly.

The next important task lies in inspiring trust among potential clients. In this case, creating a good-looking portfolio with the previous work would be very handy.

The website should be optimized for search engine algorithms in order to be ranked on the first positions. Under conditions of the stiff competition, occupying leadership positions is vital.

By the way, the following WordPress computer repair service themes exactly:

  • are designed for good navigation;
  • provide an opportunity of creating attracting portfolios and projects in a couple of clicks;
  • are SEO optimized.

Furthermore, they are absolutely customizable. Thus, you will manage to make as many changes as you need to create a perfect website.

Finally, let’s familiarize with these 5 ready-made solutions and their benefits!

5 Awesome WordPress Themes for a Gadget Repair Website

1. iRepair


The first representative of this modest collection with WordPress themes combines the most needed characteristics for a killing result.

Firstly, it is built with Elementor page builder meaning it comes along with plenty of awesome features such as:

  • JetElements;
  • Elementor Modules;
  • a great number of header and footer styles;
  • a rich collection of widgets.

With such a powerful toolkit, it is possible to stuff a website with useful elements (progress bars, tabs, social icons, web forms, etc.) and add effects for an appealing look.

In addition, you will get 15 topical images for free! Therefore, creating an attractive gallery will be even easier.

2. Mr. Gizmo


If you look for fresh solutions and bold decisions, this WordPress theme for a computer repair website worth considering.

Firstly, it is powered by Grid CSS technology. It means that Visual Content can be organized in an unusual way. It is a perfect suit for those, who are tired of the traditional layouts.

For the record, the broken grids are one of the major web design trends in 2019 😉

Secondly, it is stuffed with different widgets that empower the capacity of the website and add useful functions. For instance, it’s possible to add and customize: post carousel, Simple Slider, various social media widgets, etc.

Thirdly, it is Ecwid ready. In a couple of clicks you can turn a blog into a full-fledged online store.

Another amazing thing about this theme is that the installation process doesn’t last more than 5 minutes. It makes the idea of “creating a website in a matter of hours” absolutely real.

3. ReLabs


With the help of this theme, you will manage to create pages for different occasions and pack them with multiple content elements organized in the most appealing ways. Elementor page builder adds extra functionality with the powerful JetElements family.

Furthermore, this ready-made solution includes:

  • Cherry products;
  • WordPress Social Login;
  • 4 headers and 3 footers;
  • 4 Blog layouts;
  • Google fonts.

If it isn’t enough, welcome the ultimate pack of the WordPress plugins. Along with bonus images, it is a fat bonus that will contribute to the appearance and the functionality of the website.

4. ServIQ

The next giant in the selection of the WordPress themes for a computer repair website includes:

  • JetElements;
  • Cherry products;
  • MegaMenu;
  • TM Timeline;
  • 7 headers and 3 footers;
  • 4 Blog layouts;
  • Google fonts.

Moreover, the website will be displayed in the proper way on every type of screen and device. This feature is truly important for a positive user’s experience.

5. HostBunker


Here is another option for a splendid and convenient website for a gadgets repair website. Along with the common set of the irreplaceable features, it has multiple home variations, rich blog, shop, header, and footer settings, and demo data importer.

Moreover, it provides a rich set of styling options:

  • 600+ Google fonts;
  • an impressive collection of the font icons;
  • high-quality typography;
  • multiple colors and skins;
  • catchy CSS animation.

Without a doubt, the collection of the WordPress themes for a computer repair service website could be more extensive. Still, it includes only premium, rich in features, SEO-optimized solutions with a high ranking that go along with a 24/7 support from vendors.

With their help, creating a website turns into an exciting game with various possible steps. So, involve your fantasy and imagination – let yourself enjoy the creative process.