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18 Handy Tools To Generate And Edit Favicons For Ecommerce Websites

Favicon is a tiny image that we see next to the website title on browsers, history and bookmark lists. They are indispensable for branding and usability. This little piece of graphics adds handy little feature to your ecommerce website on the browser, bookmark toolbar and search history. Favicon serves a website with the following three functions:


Favicons enhance the user experience and ecommerce websites need this usability feature for easy identification. When the browser has lot of tabs opened and they are opened too much that they are shrunk making the name or webpage title invisible, then how will you find any specific website? Obviously, that tiny graphic representation, Favicons, will be the only way to quickly identify every website. Favicon has the same function in the browser's bookmark list. Rather than reading all the titles of the bookmarked webpages, your eyes will move across the Favicons to find any website.

Brand Recognition

Whatever the business you have on the web, you are always competing hundreds and thousands of other websites in the same industry. They are always putting their efforts on unique marketing strategies like you. Being creative will help you stand out in your business, and the simplest and easiest form to look different and be memorable for the visitors is using Favicons. You Favicon will be your company's unique logo, which will remain a permanent and unforgettable visual reference for your customers.

Credibility, Trust and Professionalism

When there is no Favicon, the tab will have a blank document sign, which will signal the unprofessionalism in the business that didn’t care about making the user experience better on web. Custom Favicon builds credibility of an ecommerce business. The visitors will see it and admire the professionally built site.

You don’t’ need to be an expert designer to create a Favicon for ecommerce website. Even a non-technical person can create it using free online tools, but it needs to have creative proficiency to make something exceptional.

We have listed below all-time favorite generators and editors to create and edit Favicons in seconds.

Try each tool for different ecommerce web design project and rate the best one in comments below.