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A Design Trend Refueled By The Best Ecommerce Websites

The attention span of online visitors is very short on ecommerce websites. The hero image trend started in ecommerce websites few years ago to grab this short attention span of the customers, and the ecommerce websites are going to emphasize on it more in 2016. It adds extra flavor to your ecommerce web design.

Just to show you, hero images look and perform like this:

Next hero image ecommerce web design

Example: Next )

As top ecommerce businesses have redesigned their websites with communicating images, the trend is refueled this year. Many new ecommerce websites are moving more towards using hero images rather than using carousels. This highly visible part becomes the most influential segment of your ecommerce web design.

There are many ways of using hero images in an ecommerce websites. Our today's talk, along with examples,  will give you an idea how to use it for maximum effect.

Before we start, we would like to tell you some of the great benefits of using hero images on your ecommerce website.

3 Hidden Benefits Of Using Hero Images

1. Visual Communication:

A visually communicating ecommerce website looks sexy. It connects with the consciousness of the visitor and he responds unknowingly. The users coming to any ecommerce website for the first time find the hero images more engaging and welcoming. It’s a clean and sleek way to use hero images loaded with catchy copy to show what is here for them.

2. Emotional Connectivity:

We, humans, are more attentive to images as compared to text. The primary reason of using hero images in an ecommerce web design is to welcome visitors on your website and tie your message with their emotions. By triggering their emotions with the hero images, ecommerce businesses can guarantee high conversions on their website.

3. Brand Reinforcement:

Hero image serves as a focal point for your online customers. It's a visual reminder about your business or brand. The hero image is a tool, which you can use to make them familiar with your ecommerce website and its content. After their multiple visits, you become successful in establishing your brand image in their mind.

5 Main Elements Of Hero Images In Ecommerce Web Design

1. High Quality Image:

In ecommerce web design, the quality of images determines the value of your products and trustworthiness of your business. It converts quickly or not at all. The major segment of your ecommerce web design is the high quality hero image. Online customers judge you there.

If you use hero image, make it sure you maintain the high quality.

harrods hero image ecommerce web design

Example: Harrods )

2. Primary Headline – Remember The 4Cs:

The headlines on the hero image are the first thing online visitors see and read. It should be catchy, clear, concise and crispy. The text should be strong enough to make them certain that they will get here what they are looking for.

Tip: Keep it less than 10 words.

REI ecommerce hero image

Example: REI )

3. Secondary Headline (Optional):

The supporting headline is an extension to the main headline. It serves to grab more attention with catchy text and helps you keeping your main headline succinct. You may include a supporting sub-headline to elaborate or clarify the main headline. It gives you more space to explain your main headline.

Kutoa hero image ecommerce

Example: Kutoa )

4. Reinforcement Statement:

The reinforcement statement is a finishing sentence to complete your message for the readers. People
skim through the text. If the main headline and the supporting headline hold them for a while, they will definitely read your final statement.

american eagle hero image ecommerce website design

Example: AE )

5. Noticeable CTA:

The purpose of using hero images is to make them do something. After delivering the effective value proposition, you need to implement dominating CTA that grabs the user attention. Always, keep it bit away from your catchy copy making it more visible and distinct from other content. This will fully capitalize the use of hero image.

Tip: A noticeable CTA button must be in high contrast with the background image colors.

Fiftythree Pencil hero image ecommerce web design trend

Example: Fiftythree )

3 Core Attributes Of Effective Hero Images

1. Unique Selling Proposition:

Your copy on the hero image must describe the unique selling proposition. The message should differentiate you from other competitors. It must tell what is your business all about and what sets you apart from other competitors. And, everything should be said in a succinct and concise way using fewer words. A well written, crispy short USP will help your customers understand why they should stay here.

Diesel hero image ecommerce web design

Example: Diesel )

2. Keep It Simple:

Hero image should play with the single CTA button. With too many distractions, you will redirect their attention to somewhere else. There should not be any other thing that attracts them.

hero image ecommerce web design

Example: Starbucks )

3. No Other Options:

The most important strategy in using hero images is to either take the users in or get them out. The most common issue with many ecommerce web designs is killing the effectiveness of hero image by putting too many other options or navigation that takes the visitors away.

Harrys hero image ecommerce web design

Example: Harrys )


We talked about the most important things that every ecommerce website designer should consider while using hero images in their ecommerce web design project. That's crucial to capitalize the power of hero images on ecommerce website.

Do you think hero images are good substitute for homepage carousels in ecommerce web designs?