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Product search optimization ecommerce

4 Ways To Optimize Product Search Bar Making People Feel Smart

Most of the money comes from the search bar. Therefore, the functionality matters here.

Shoppers want to type a term in a search field and quickly get the most appropriate results. You can better understand the expectations of your site searchers by examining the search logs that will help you figure out what your site visitors are trying to search.

Ecommerce websites can help their site visitors narrow down their searches right from the start in many ways. It will provide them better search results, and faster, too.

Instead of letting them scour through mix of results, we will show you some useful ways to better design the search bar for efficient and ease of use. Not all of these suggested search features would be suitable for your ecommerce website as it all depends on your business model and size, but one will definitely make the search bar more functional.

Below are the 4 different ways for how to design a better product search bar and turn it to be more useful and make the life of your site visitors easy.

Accuracy and speed are the most essential attributes of product search bar for any ecommerce website. Giving a simple product search bar will fill the result page with so many products requiring extra time and effort by the users to find the right product.

If you still have a simple product search on your ecommerce website, be quick in using any of these functionalities, which will translate into more sales.

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